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1.  Date and time of the event
       April 29, 2015 7pm--9pm
2.  Venue: Full address, hints on how to go there
       The Square of Star Mega Mall, Sibu,111.8645905,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x31f780230adb91e3:0xfb335f9c7661a7a3

3.  Title of event
      International Dance Day---Let's Dance
4.  Organizer
      Organised by Hornland Dance Theatre, Sibu
      Co-organised by Wong Nai Siong Secondary School Alumni Association
      Presented by The Powertive, Beauty Life Dance Group, and Hornland Dance Theatre
5.  Participants
       Open to the public
6.  Description-Program
       After an official opening by the VIP Mr. Dato Lau Ngie Hua who is the managing director of Star Mega Mall, The Powertive will lead audience to do a 
       Jazz dance, a ballroom dance Waltz will be given by Hornland Dance Theatre, and a modern dance will be taught and led by the Beauty Life Dance Group.
7.  Contact details: Telephone, email, website, postal address
     Tel & Fax: 006 084 349932

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Dance Day        يوم الرقص       Journée de la Danse       舞蹈日       Día de la Danza       День Танца 

a program of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO
the official organization for Dance world wide

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