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Danceartists Youth Ballet Company present EverWas - The Sentient Web -A Contemporary Ballet Production based on the Earth's extraordinary Mycelium Internet created  millions of years ago and recently discovered by Scientist Paul Stamets.  


Our story  explores the sentient web between nature's own Hyphae network and our human minds axons,dendrites suggesting a filial bond we have been unaware of except in our deep sub conscienous. 
Thought provoking, presented in the abstract in a search for natures own answers to healing the earth from humans kinds own destructive hands, through hearing what nature already has in place if we will only take the time to stop and  listen. 
Choreography Joanna Duncan, Francosie Voranger. All rights reserved.
Danceartists Ballet Academy
52 South Quinsigamond Avenue,
Shrewsbury MA 01545
Joanna Duncan RTS ARAD Solo Seal
Danceartists Management 
Member of the International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO Paris
Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher 
Member of the International Dance Teachers Association 
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