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2nd Edition of Azonto Dance Celebration to mark World Dance Day

Let’s start off with a round of applause for dancers, non-dancers, Ghanaians living abroad, friends of Ghana, dignitaries, celebrities and media personalities who joined in the unique celebration of IDDiG (International Dance Day in Ghana) in 2016. While over 200 countries celebrated World Dance Day with different dance genres, Ghana made a strong statement by celebrating its own- Azonto Dance. The outcome, we got listed at number 17 in the world google ranking for International Dance Day celebrations.

The celebration, which started with a social media engagement and climaxed with an Azonto Jam, was graced by Carl Ampah of UNESCO, Adwoa Awindor of Greetings from Abroad fame, former Dep. Min. of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dzifa Gomashie, and hosted by Reggie Rockstone.

This year, come 29th of April, the world will celebrate dance like never before and Ghana must once again give Azonto Dance a voice. Thus, all dancers and non-dancers, Ghanaians and friends of Ghana, living in and out of Ghana, and the media, are being called upon to participate and support in this year’s World Dance Day celebration.

World Dance Day, also known as the International Dance Day, was initiated by the World Dance Council in 1982. Affiliated with UNESCO and based in Paris, the dance council, referred to as CID, has been promoting dance each year, with specific messages and themes to promote the good values of dance on 29th April, in various countries.

According to Robert Klah, the CEO of CAiM (Creative Arts in Motion),

“Dance as a creative arts discipline is currently not that prestigious in Ghana, and that has to change. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to contribute what we can to this change, and giving Azonto dance an annual voice is one of many initiatives we believe can salvage the situation. Azonto dance is ours, Ghana’s contribution to the world dance syllabus. It is our pop dance form, made up of different dance moves to Afrobeats/ Afropop tunes. Currently the dance is evolving, and it’s happening so fast that if we do not own the process, each step of the way, it may lose its identity. And we must not allow that to happen. So all dancers, non-dancers, Ghanaians and friends of Ghana, and the media alike, are encouraged to come aboard for this nationwide celebration on 29th April.”

The celebration will start with a daytime social media engagement, where fans of Azonto are required to upload a 60sec video, or post pictures of themselves or anyone dancing Azonto on 29th April, onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, with the following hashtags- #iddig #azontogboko #danceteratv. Alternatively videos and pictures can be sent via Whatsapp before 29th April, to the number +233506679491 for repost. The celebration will be climaxed with an Azonto Dance Concert at its place of origin, James Town, Manste Agbonaa, from 6pm. The night will feature over 50 dance performances from the best talents in Ghana, showcasing new dance moves, urban dance passion, and great skill. Pro Azonto music artistes such Luther, Article Wan, and more, will make an appearance to grace the celebration.

IDDiG is a call to action for all Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad, all friends of Ghana, and all lovers of Azonto, to join in the celebration of Ghana’s own- Azonto. Azonto celebration on International Dance Day is an initiative of CAiM (organisers of the Annual Ghana Dance Festival) and powered by Dancetera TV, Ghana’s Official Dance Channel for anything dance. For updates and enquiries engage @DanceteraTV on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), or call +233506679491/ +233244611808.


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National Dance Company of Ghana
      (Ghana Dance Ensemble )
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Dance Day        يوم الرقص       Journée de la Danse       舞蹈日       Día de la Danza       День Танца 

a program of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO
the official organization for Dance world wide

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