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Dance Like A Man, set in Bengaluru, India, narrates the story of a dancer couple during a time when Bharatanatyam was looked down on for being the art form of temple dancers or Devadasis.
The movie describes the difficulties faced by dancers when they have no encouragement from family and society, except a few who understand the dance's value. 
An authoritarian father, concerned with his image in society, plays upon the emotional vulnerability of the young dancer couple trying to make it in the world. Finally succumbing to his will, the couple try to live their dreams through their daughter who carries on the tradition and practice. They find themselves seen through her perspective of what life is and what it means to dance.
The scenes have been beautifully shot in parts of Old Bengaluru and famous actors including well know Gurus, such as my own teacher U.S Krishna Rao, have had a role to play making the movie as authentic as possible.
Directed by Pamela Rooks, with music by  Sunny joseph and Ganesh - Kumresh (who are world famous violinists) and dance choreographies by  Rama Vaidyanathan and Shobana (internationally renowned dancers). 
Run Time: 1 hr and 45 mins.
Time: 14:00 
Venue: Omkara
RSVP: 022 7840852. There are limited seats available so please call to register before the 27th of April.
Hope to see you there,
Sujatha Venkatesh.















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